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waco hailstorm.png

Recent hail storms came through Waco in April.  As you can see here on this map the size and the location of the hail and where it hit.  Many people assume when they get hail at their house that they do have or don't have damage.  You can not in most cases tell from the ground.  Just because you got hail on your propety you may or may not have sustained damage to your roof.

At Mr. ROOFing & Gutters, we have a licensed insurance adjuster on staff, that can inspect your roof for free and let you know if you should make a claim or not.  We lean cautiously to the side of not making a claim unless it is absolutely necessary.  A lot of roofing companies will have you make a claim whether you have sufficient damage or not; in the hopes that they will get your business if you do have damage.  Sadly a lot of times this leads to you not winning your claim, and this goes on your record with all insurance agencies as making a false claim.  This can hurt your insurance rates in the future.

The easiest and most sure fire way of avoiding this is to have a trusted roofer come and take a look at your roof first and advise you on what to do next.  

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